Strategic Plan 2016 - 2021

In 2016, Swan Valley Anglican Community School celebrated its 10th year. Our history during this time has been rich and engaging, demonstrating a strength of purpose and resolve. As a result, we find ourselves strong, stable and growing.

It is timely now that we not only reflect on our past, but also on our future as a community. Accordingly, the School Council commissioned Dr Liz Pattison, an experienced and highly professional consultant, to produce our Strategic Plan 2016 -2021. Dr Pattison knows our community well as she facilitated the development of our previous strategic plan. We hope that the plan will reiterate for the benefit of our community and its supporters, just what drives us: what we aspire to be as a school community, both within the community and beyond.

Follow this link to download the PDF of the Strategic Plan Summary

 Strategic Plan Summary Flippage version