Reflective Teaching Practice

Reflective Teaching Practice at Swan Valley Anglican Community School. Like students, the feedback teachers receive is aimed at leading to improvements in their delivery. The staff are committed to enhancing internal reflective practices by using a range of strategies to critique the quality of their teaching. One such approach is recording lessons. 

In-class Reflective Teaching Practice


The ‘In-class Reflective Practice’ programme promotes evidence based techniques and supplements the school’s professional development programme. Whole or parts of lessons are recorded and reflected upon by the teacher and their line manager, with professional discussions leading to suggestions for improvements. Teachers who demonstrate best practice are also invited to share their practices with other staff members. Principal, Mr Jason Bartell said “The supportive culture of our School, as well as the academic, social and emotional benefit to each individual student, can only be enhanced by the practical introspective reflection of teachers who focus on improving their performance in their classroom. Swan Valley Anglican Community School is dedicated to ensuring that every teacher and every student benefits from this programme.”

For the staff, this approach to improving teaching and learning at Swan Valley ACS has been welcomed. Alongside learning walks, peer observations and formal lesson reviews, they are more confident in their delivery, leading to improved results in the classroom, by all.

Mrs Suzanne Stewart
Associate Principal Junior School