2017 Music Camp

Published 29 March 2017

Music camp 2017

At the end of week 3 in Term 1, the music students of SVACS had the opportunity to attend the annual ‘Music Camp’, in which they spend two nights at New Norcia, a small town just over an hour’s drive north of the school. This year, we saw about 50 students and the Music department pack up their belongings and relocate to this beautiful monastic town for a weekend of fun, laughter and most importantly, music. This camp provides a unique experience for each individual attending, removing them from their usual school environment and allowing them to express themselves through music.

Each day saw students rising bright and early (much too many new students dismay) and after breakfast, the work began. Most of the time at music camp is spent in workshops, either the instrumental ensemble, or the choir, working on pieces over the course of two days. Inbetween workshops and meal times, students are allowed free time, in which they can spend creating and practising their own pieces with fellow students, or catching up on the sleep they missed the night before.

Another surprise to many new students on camp is what has been dubbed ‘Sing for your Supper’, which is at the end of each day, every student and staff member join in and must learn the chosen song of the camp before they go to bed. This year’s chosen song was ‘Under the Milkyway Tonight’.

The camp concluded on the third day with a concert, put on by the students and staff to showcase their hard work over the past couple of days through their workshop groups, and individual performances to their parents before they go home and rest.

For myself and the other Year 12’s, it was our last camp. For many of us (myself included) having been on every camp since Year 7, it was sad to see our last music camp, however we have all thoroughly enjoyed every year we attended, and made the most of every opportunity we were given.
We want to thank all the staff who helped plan and conduct music camp, and for all the effort they put into making sure we all have every opportunity to become the best musicians possible, not just this year, but every year before us and every year into the future.

Penelope Gannaway
Music Captain

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