Secondary School House Swimming Carnival 2017

Published 01 March 2017

Secondary School House Swimming Carnival

On Friday, 24 February, another successful swimming carnival was run at Bayswater Waves, starting the year with an exciting battle between the Houses. It was fantastic to see so many students participating in the 50m, 25m or assisting as officials. The students brought a lot of enthusiasm to this event and gave their House mates wonderful support which was great to see. Many thanks to the parents who helped out on the day, your support was most appreciated. I would also like to thank those parents who came to support their children and contributed to the atmosphere, along with the staff who worked hard in the sun all day to provide an efficient and successful event.

There was close competition throughout the day with Moore taking home the shield once again. Congratulations to the students who swam very well on the day to earn champion honours and those who gained selection in the Interschool team.

Year 7 Girls Hope Kavanagh
Year 7 Boys - Alister Johnston
Year 8 Girls - Sena Cooper
Year 8 Boys - Joel Levine
Year 9 Girls - Anneka West
Year 9 Boys - Andre Pavlovic
Year 10 Girls - Hannah Seery
Year 10 Boys - Marshall Kingdon
Year 11/12 Girls - Alexia Pavlovic
Year 11/12 Boys - Zane Pendreigh

Year 7 Girls - Kasey Pavlinovich
Year 7 Boys - Kai Davis
Year 8 Girls - Abigail Phillips
Year 8 Boys - Michael Avromov & Tiaan Grobbelaar
Year 9 Girls - Anika Meyer
Year 9 Boys - Isaac Hanssen
Year 10 Girls - Tanvi Bhudia
Year 10 Boys - Tyler Davey
Year 11/12 Girls - Georgia Nahuys
Year 11/12 Boys - Jacob Harwig

Final scores for the day were as follows:

1st Moore: 2085 points
2nd Irwin: 1848 points
3rd Waylen: 1688 points
4th Stirling: 1622 points
House Spirit: Moore

Mr Stewart Lowndes
Head of Department: Health and Physical Education

Moore Swimming Three-peat

Just as the Phil Jackson coached the Chicago Bulls to their first three-peat from 1991 to 1993, Moore House has won their third consecutive Senior School Swimming Carnival championship! Much like the Bulls of the 1990’s, we had many stand out performances from individuals but it was a team effort on the day.

To top off a wonderful day in the pool, Moore students won the House Spirit trophy for their outstanding cheering and clapping. This was also the second time in as many events that Moore has won this trophy after 2016’s win in the Senior School Athletics Carnival. I believe it is also the first time in Swan Valley Anglican Community School’s history that one House has won both the Carnival and House Spirit trophy at a swimming carnival.

Congratulations to all the students who swam on the day for Moore and to those that cheered their hearts out. Some individuals who won Champion or Runner-up Champion from Moore are commended for their individual efforts:

  • Year 7 Boys Champion - Alistair Johnston
  • Year 9 Boys Champion - Andre Pavlovic
  • Year 9 Girls Champion – Anneka West
  • Year 10 Boys Champion - Marshall Kingdon
  • Year 10 Boys Runners-up - Tyler Davey
  • Year 11/12 Girls Champion - Alexia Pavlovic

Well done to the Physical Education team on a very well organised event!

Mr Carl Scarfone
Moore House Leader

Moore Magic

The SVACS Swimming Carnival took place at Bayswater Waves in Morley on Friday, 24 February 2017. Excitement pulsed through the veins of my peers; everyone’s hopes were high for the Interhouse competition. We arrived at the venue as the Vice-Captain and myself began to marshal students for the first races. My heart was beating with anticipation for a successful day. To uplift our spirits, I began conducting an orchestra of chanting Moore students with the contribution of many.

My goal as the Moore House Captain was to bring unity and provide encouragement for all who participated in every way. I aimed to unite Moore to create a sense of community and acceptance for every student. I felt a deep and profound gratitude as everyone performed to the best of their abilities. The courage students obtained and demonstrated in competing was inspiring and I plan to harness this energy.

We made history on Friday the 24th of February: Moore won both the Swimming Carnival and the House Spirit award. How is this possible when it has never been achieved you may ask? This was the result of the contributions of every single student in our House, the cooperation and support of Moore staff and of course ‘Moore Magic’.

I find honour in being one of many catalysts to the magic Moore demonstrated at the Swimming carnival but I also recognised the Vice-Captain Jessica Gillibrand, parents and especially to those who competed in events and participated in our chants.

Great efforts to every House and may the best House continue to prevail.

Rachael Lual (Year 11)
Moore House Captain

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