Our Community

A Caring Community

Pastoral care at Swan Valley Anglican Community School is defined as the enhancement of the whole person - the physical, academic, social, emotional and spiritual. We are a caring, supportive community, and our students feel a strong sense of belonging to their Houses, as well as to their co-curricular teams, groups and ensembles.

Our School's core values include Faith, Commitment, Service, Compassion, Integrity, and as a community we actively seek to contribute to others' happiness and wellbeing. We constantly strive to expand the role of contributing citizenship across our School community, and continue to define and support opportunities for meaningful community engagement through our Chapel and Chaplaincy, Community Relations, Parents and Friends Association, Police Rangers and School Garden activities.

Ellenbrook Anglican Church

Ellenbrook Anglican Church

Facilities Bookings

If you wish to book a facility at the School please go to Business Office.