Parents and Friends Association

The School has a very active Parents & Friends Association (P&FA). All parents of students currently enrolled at the School are members of the P&FA.

If you are a parent of a student recently enrolled at the School, then welcome to membership of the P&FA.

The P&FA supports events and activities within and of the School for the benefit of students during their education journey from Kindy through to Year 12.

The focus of P&FA events is not only to raise funds but to build relationships between all members of the School community and between the School community and the wider community.

The P&FA does it best to ensure a variety of events and activities appealing to all members of the School community.

Activities and events are a lot of fun to organize and are a great opportunity to meet fellow parents and other members of the School community.

The P&FA is managed by the Management Committee but relies very much on the participation and involvement of all parents to bring events and activities to life.

Some parents have more time and energy to spare than others, but every parent’s contribution, whether it be a contribution of time, a service or product, or simply an idea, is greatly appreciated and valued by the P&FA as a whole and by the School community.

Please do not hesitate to contact the P&FA via the School on 9297 9506 or by email p&[email protected] for more information.

If you are a member of the P&FA, then please do not hesitate to contact the P&FA via the School on 9297 9506 or by email p&[email protected] if you would like to get involved in the P&FA’s events and activities. Please also take the opportunity to join the P&FA’s Facebook group Swan Valley ACS Parents & Friends Association.


The P&FA Management Committee

The Committee Members are:

President: Ms Julia Routley
Vice President: Ms Jennifer Demeza
Vice President: Mrs Theresa Madafferi
Secretary: To be co-opted
Treasurer: Mrs Tracey Harrison
Committee Member: Mrs Tray Davis
Committee Member: Mrs Pamela Knox
Committee Member: Mrs Chantel Heumbs
Committee Member: Mrs Karen Otley
Committee Member: To be co-opted
Committee Member: To be co-opted
Community Fair Co-ordinator: Co-opted – to be confirmed
Parent Help Co-ordinator: Mrs Tray Davis
Scholastic Book Club/Fair Co-ordinator: Ms Jennifer Demeza
School Banking Co-ordinator: Ms Stephanie Waters
Liaison Parent Co-ordinator(s): To be co-opted

Ex-Officio members: Jason Bartell and Lal Perera


P&FA Event Dates, 2017:

Welcome BBQ: Friday 3 February 2017, 3.30-5.30pm
P&FA General Meeting: Thursday 16 February 2017, 7.00pm
Early Childhood Disco: Friday 24 March 2017, 4.00-5.00pm
Junior School Disco: Friday 24 March 2017, 5.30-7.00pm
Mothers’ Day Breakfast: Friday 12 May 2017, 7.00-8.30am
P&FA General Meeting: Tuesday 16 May 2017, 7.00pm
P&FA General Meeting: Tuesday 1 August 2017, 7.00pm
Middle School Disco: Friday 25 August 2017, 6.00-9.00pm
Fathers’ Day Breakfast: Friday 1 September 2017, 7.00-8.30am
Community Fair: Saturday 28 October 2017, 2.00-7.30pm
P&FA Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 21 November 2017, 7.00pm
Summer Music Concert: Friday 1 December 2017, 5.30-7.30pm

P&FA Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 21 November 2017, 7.00pm 

Notice of SVACS P&FA AGM 2017

Nomination Form for SVACS P&FA AGM 21 Nov 2017


General Meeting Information

Agenda for P&FA General Meeting on Tuesday 1 August 2017, 7.00pm

General Meeting Agenda for 1 August 2017

Minutes of P&FA General Meeting Tuesday 16 May 2017

General Meeting Minutes 16 May 2017


Liaison Parents

In 2015, we introduced the Liaison Parents to the classroom to improve the communication between Teachers, school and Parents. This is still being developed and we encourage all parents able to, to get involved.

  • Be autonomous in your role and approach it in your own way to fit your circumstances, time constraints and interests
  • Get satisfaction from helping other parents, the class and the Teachers.
  • Get to know more about the School
  • Encourage other parents to help
  • Socialise

Parents & Friends Association Levy

All families are required to contribute to the P&FA Levy as a condition of entry. The non-voluntary contribution is $75 per family per annum and commences in the family’s first year at the school. These contributions are non-refundable.

Parent/Guardian Participation

Parental assistance across a wide range of activities is essential to the functioning of Swan Valley Anglican Community School. Assistance will be needed in a variety of areas including in the canteen, working bees and fundraising. While acknowledging that parents are in various situations with regard to the time they can make available to the School, a positive commitment to provide assistance where possible is always welcome.

We encourage and appreciate the help of the parents and friends of our School. Here are some of the areas in the School where you can assist or just be involved with your child’s learning.

Volunteering at Events

We are always looking for volunteers to help out at various events, whether it is selling tickets, donating baked goods or helping with the set-up, serve and pack away of refreshments. Volunteer requests are advertised in the school’s newsletter, P&FA Facebook Page and in emails sent home. If you would like to assist in events please contact the school on P&[email protected] .

Donation of baked goods - please note that we are a nut-aware school. We have children at the School with severe life threatening allergies that can be triggered by skin contact and we need to ensure they do not come in contact with nut products. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Friday Morning Helpers

The Friday Morning Parent Helpers Group meet each week in Building 1, from 8.30 to 10.30am They support the teachers in their preparation of resources, laminating, book covering or anything that is required within the school. For further information please email P&[email protected] .

Volunteering in the Classroom

The teachers often need help in their classroom with cutting, laminating and other special events and incursions.

Student Initiatives

The Junior School Student Council, Senior School Prefects or Anglicare Ambassadors often need assistance with fundraising initiatives. If you have a few spare hours and can support us, please contact your child’s teacher or email [email protected]

Volunteering in the Library

The Swan Valley ACS Library is seeking parents who can spare an hour or more to help in the library. Our library is getting very busy and needs parents to help with re-shelving books, tidying shelves, displays and preparing new books for loan. The library is a relaxing area to help in, where you can learn more about the way the library works and also see the children and how they appreciate the books that they can take on loan. The Library is also looking for parents to cover books either at the library or at home. If you are able to offer your time to the library, please contact [email protected].

Literacy Intervention Programme

The Junior School runs a Literacy Intervention Programme which supports those children who will benefit from additional support in Literacy. We are asking for parent volunteers who can spare 30 to 60 minutes a week to listen to a student read. If you are interested in volunteering for this programme please contact [email protected]

How to contact the P&FA

If you have any queries relating to the P&FA, please leave your comments in the P&FA box located in Student Services or email us via our 'Contact Us' page.

P&FA Constitution

Click the link to read the P&FA Constitution

Safety House

Swan Valley Anglican Community School has been registered for the Safety House Program. This is a community based ‘Good Neighbour’ program of volunteer householders organised by a local Safety House Coordinator.  Our coordinating body is known as the Swan Valley ACS /Aveley Initiative.  A Safety House is a recognised household where children can go if they are feeling unsafe.  WA Police, WA Education, local Councils, Primary Schools and P&F Associations support the Safety House Program. Our P&FA is supporting this program. Please see the flyer below for more information.

SVACS Safety House flyer

Please return slips from the flyer to Student Services in an envelope marked "Safety House Program".