2017 ATAR Results

Senior School

2017 WACE Performance


Swan Valley Anglican Community School can be very proud of the efforts of its Year 12 students of 2017. 92.3% of students met the requirements for graduation and will receive the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

As you may be aware, the Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking (ATAR) results for all students were released on Monday, December 18. Swan Valley Anglican Community School (SVACS) students have performed exceptionally well. Of the 27 students who took four or more courses leading to university entrance, the school achieved a median ATAR score of 86.55. This is the School’s highest median ATAR achieved in its history. This is an outstanding result of which our whole school community should be very proud.

Further analysis of the ATAR results reveal:

  • 11 (40.74%) students gained an ATAR of between 90.00 - 99.95 
  • 6 (22.22%) students gained an ATAR of between 80.00 - 89.99 
  • 8 (29.63%) students gained an ATAR of between 70.00 - 79.99
  • 2 (7.41%) students gained an ATAR of between 60.00 - 69.99

Our special congratulations go to Riya Patel, who achieved an ATAR of 99.35, and Amor Basson who achieved an ATAR of 99.10.

Other students who achieved an ATAR of over 90.00 include, Sarah Tucker (97.65), Penelope Gannaway (97.15), Benjamin Rolender (96.75), Jacob Harwig (95.65), Harley Gardiner (95.25), Emily Izzard (95.00), Kiera Macdonald (94.95), Grace Flynn (93.10) and Catherine Taylor (90.70).

Congratulations to all of our top achievers.

I would also like to congratulate all other students, and there were some exceptional individual performances this year, with many students achieving a score of which they can be very proud. Some students overcame incredible personal challenges to achieve their absolute best. There are also many hard-working students who have an ATAR which speaks to their resilience and dedication.

These results demonstrate the effort and skill of our teachers who motivate, mentor and guide throughout the year. We also acknowledge the care and love of parents who have supported their children this year and throughout their education. Results such as these are best achieved through a partnership between home and school. I thank and commend everyone involved in helping our Year 12 students achieve their best.

Jason Bartell (Principal)

Gary Racey (Deputy Principal/Associate Principal Senior School)