PIPS Primary student newsletters

As part of the Junior Years Extension Programme the Year 5 and 6 students are involved in creating a newsletter for their peers. Entitled PIPS, 'Peers Inspiring Pupils at School', the termly publication enables the students to develop their journalistic skills. Each term a theme is set which provides them with the opportunity to challenge not only their literacy skills but their creative thinking. Working collaboratively and to a tight deadline are other skills that are promoted through this project. PIPS is a celebration of talent and creativity. We invite you to read each newsletter, embrace the theme and share the pride that every student involved in this publication feels.

PIPS Semester 1 2018

PIPS Term 4 2017

PIPS Term 3 2017

PIPS Term 1 2017

PIPS Term 4 2016

PIPS Term 2 2016

PIPS Term 1 2016

PIPS Term 4 2015

PIPS Term 3 2015

PIPS Term 2 2015

PIPS Term 1 2015