The School publications capture not only the happy moments spent at school but the many achievements of our students, from Kindergarten to Year 12. I hope you enjoy leafing through the newsletters and magazines.

PIPS Primary student newsletters

As part of the Junior School Extension Programme the Year 5 and 6 students are involved in creating a newsletter for their peers. Entitled PIPS, 'Peers Inspiring Pupils at School', the termly publication enables the students to develop their journalistic skills. Each term a theme is set which provides them with the opportunity to challenge not only their literacy skills but their creative thinking. Working collaboratively and to a tight deadline are other skills that are promoted through this project. PIPS is a celebration of talent and creativity. We invite you to read each newsletter, embrace the theme and share the pride that every student involved in this publication feels.

We invite you to read the newsletters which can be found under Junior School Teaching & Learning.

'On the Grapevine' Magazines

Throughout the pages of the school magazines and newsletters you will see the vast array of opportunities afforded to the children who attend Swan Valley Anglican Community School.

On the Grapevine Magazine 2017

Flip page version


Follow this link to download the 2017 magazine: PDF version

On The Grapevine 2017 PDF


On the Grapevine Magazine 2016

Follow this link to download the 2016 magazine: PDF version

On The Grapevine 2016 PDF


On the Grapevine Magazines 2015

Follow this link to download the 2015 magazines: PDF versions

On The Grapevine Semester 1 2015   PDF

On The Grapevine Semester 2 2015   PDF