Capital Development – Stage 7

Opening of the Senior School Classrooms and Outdoor Courts

SVACS new Middle School building. Painting by Phil Narkle

The development of the Senior School classrooms and Outdoor Courts, while a necessity due to our continued enrolment growth, are more than just seven classrooms, a staffroom, two change rooms and three outdoor courts. The development of these facilities was an opportunity for the School to further develop its sense of community, connection and identity. The development of these facilities has been focused on the experience that will manifest for all staff and students that access these facilities, through both its symbolic function as well as its practical function.

This project was central to consolidating our school’s relationship with the indigenous community, through our local Indigenous Elder, Mr Phillip Narkle. I would like to acknowledge Mr Narkle’s significant contribution by way of his 12 Indigenous Art works that are featured on the external walls of the classrooms. The art works are gratefully received and serve as a testament to our developing connection with the indigenous community. The art works have already been a source of learning, information and connection between our staff and students and the indigenous community. It is hoped that generations of children that attend our school, through the powerful intersect of Art and Education, learn more about our country’s indigenous culture and more importantly develop a deep respect and understanding for our nation’s indigenous people.

It is the School Community’s hope that these classrooms are used for far more than just the learning of lessons, but more importantly as young men, women and staff gather in these rooms over future generations, we pray that they are instrumental in ensuring the positive engagement of all members of our community.

SVACS new Middle School building. Paintings by Phil Narkle