The School is organised into four distinct sub-schools.

Early Years accommodates Years K – 2, The Junior Years accommodates Years 3 to 6, the Middle Years accommodates Years 7 to 9 and the Senior Years accommodates Years 10 to 12.

This structure has been implemented in order that all children receive the specific academic and pastoral care that is appropriate to their individual phase of development. The Associate Principals are in charge of each of the four sub-schools.

Mrs Joanne Crawshaw is Associate Principal of Early Years, Mrs Suzanne Stewart is Associate Principal of Junior Years, Mrs Debbie Davies is Associate Principal of Middle Years and Mrs Penelope Houghton is Deputy Principal/Associate Principal of Senior Years. These four leaders have both academic and pastoral leadership roles within their respective sub-schools and are members of the School Executive Team reporting directly to the Principal, Ms Melissa Powell.

Early Years

Junior Years

Middle Years

Senior Years