Information Technology

Swan Valley Anglican Community School recognises that the development of teaching and learning processes become technology centric, with the focus on ensuring our students are prepared for future industries in a rapidly changing world. This change affects the traditional understanding of how subject matter is taught and creates the need for a strong set of social attitudes and institutional values.

With all students from Years 4-12 readily able to access a 1:1 device, we have the potential to engage our students in a wider range of curriculum opportunities and encourage students to explore new and creative ways of thinking. Our students have opportunities to create and design multimedia coursework, understand and program robotics, print digital designs in 3D and learn to communicate and collaborate in teams with schools across the globe.

Computer Usage

Students using IT Resources at the School must adhere to the Student Acceptable Use Policy outlined here.

1:1 Information

The School will require you to order an ASUS T102HA-GR038T tablet computer through the School's Partner (PLE Computers) or alternatively purchase privately an ASUS T102HA-GR038T for each of your children enrolled at SVACS in Year 4, 7, and 10 in 2018 – or if you are new to the School in Year 4-12. The School strongly suggests purchasing the ASUS 3 year Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection offered by purchasing through PLE Computers.

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January 2018 Rollout

The 1:1 student-owned tablet program was introduced at Swan Valley Anglican Community School in Term 3, 2014. As you may recall from the original Parent Information Evening and the 1:1 Delivery Day, the 1:1 rollout was planned to be a three year implementation. This timeline for those families involved in the January 2015 rollout is now coming to the end of three years and any extended warranties & accidental damage protection agreements will soon expire.

A new 1:1 tablet has now been chosen as a replacement for your original device. The chosen tablet model for the January 2018 program, is the ASUS T102HA-GR038T - an ultra-portable notebook computer with 10" tablet and stylus capabilities. Please see “1:1 Information” above for requirements. 

Factory Restore ASUS T100TA

After ordering a new T102HA, it is compulsory to have your three year old ASUS T100TA restored to its original factory Windows operating system with all School licensing removed (as the license will be re-assigned to your new computer). This process is a destructive process and will wipe all data from your computer. Please backup any data you require from your T100TA and deliver it to the ICT Service Desk for factory restore between Monday 5 February and Friday 9 February. After this process is complete, your T100TA will be yours with your own licensed software to use as you please, but will no longer be able to be used at SVACS. The School will not be responsible for backing up your data.

Any students leaving Swan Valley Anglican Community School must also complete this factory restore process prior to leaving the School.



With the implementation of the 1:1 tablet computing program at SVACS, there are inevitably frequently asked questions (FAQ) parents seek answers to. This FAQ link may answer some of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions