Senior Years

Teaching and Learning

Penelope Houghton

The Senior Years focus is the search for personal excellence.

We hold a philosophy that revolves around the provision of a safe and open environment, where students are comfortable taking risks and extending their comfort zone to helping them reach their potential and achieve intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional outcomes.

A balanced and holistic education provides a dynamic and caring environment which leads to innovation and encourages a pursuit of learning and excellence by all staff and students. We seek to build on our students’ strong academic platform and love of learning, placing a strong emphasis on the link between pastoral care and academic success. Enhanced academic performance is the result.

In developing a community we believe it is crucial to foster a four way partnership between the student, parents, school and the church, working collegially and collaboratively to achieve the very best education for our students. With these groups working together, moving in the same direction and focusing on students as individuals, the capacity for success is increased. It is the building of this partnership and subsequent communication that develops the sense of community and pride that is core to the success of our school.

Education is about an individual’s journey; a journey of faith; a journey of learning; a journey of life. This journey is different for each student as all have unique ways of learning. Curriculum delivery in the Senior Years accounts for this with broad-based programs, including academic, vocational and co-curricular courses, allowing for varying degrees of ability and the provision for inclusivity. The foundation of building positive relationships first, allows staff to know each and every student as an individual and therefore cater to their specific learning needs.

Education that occurs in a positive Christian environment adds an invaluable contribution to the overall development of the child. Holistic education with gospel values as their foundation and development of Christian character and leadership potential is paramount to help individuals to be positive contributors in society and servants to our community. A formal Christian education is key to this, encouraging students to use it as the basis for living to the highest possible standards and having an informed and considered understanding of the spiritual and moral basis of life.

The Senior Years continues to support the high standards developed in our Junior and Middle Years. With our core values at the forefront of each and every learning opportunity we provide students with a consistency that is required for clarity of understanding in terms of expectations and development of operating within a sound moral and ethical framework.

We aim to provide an extensive range of appropriate courses that cater for the needs of students progressing to University, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and the workplace. This includes the provision of Workplace Learning and School-Based Apprenticeships to those students seeking to gain Year 12 Graduation and simultaneously attain a defined advantage in the trade areas.

Our overall goal in our Senior Years is to develop lifelong, independent learners with an intrinsic love of learning and encourage students to undertake a wide exploration of knowledge within a supportive Christian environment. 

Mrs Penelope Houghton
Deputy Principal