Secondary School Co-Curricular Programme

At Swan Valley Anglican Community School we clearly recognise that the education and experience we provide for our students cannot be one dimensional. It is our job to support parents in developing well rounded individuals who have the life skills to successfully find their way through society.

Our co-curricular program breaks away from the constraints of our academic programme and enhances student’s skills in areas of personal interest. Activities are varied to cater for these individual differences and allow students to explore new and existing pursuits in a safe, caring and supportive environment. The programme is geared to provide the opportunity to enhance staff and student relationships and create links with the community we live in. These contribute to the holistic development of students through maintaining a wide scope of cultural, spiritual, sporting and artistic pursuits.

The co-curricular programme occurs at various times before, during and after scheduled class time to cater for families various commitments.

In addition to academic based clubs, there are also interest/hobby based clubs and sporting opportunities. The School is part of the North Eastern Associated and Catholic Colleges Sporting Competition. Various other after school interschool sporting competitions are also scheduled throughout the year and advertised when appropriate.

Secondary School Co Curricular Programme Semester 2 2018