About Us

Our School

Swan Valley Anglican Community School (SVACS) has experienced an amazing journey since 2005, growing in spirit and unity. It is a place of purposeful endeavour, providing opportunities for students to have a full engagement in the life of the school based on the principles of faith, commitment service, compassion and integrity.

It is often said that it takes a whole village to raise a child. A similar statement might read ‘it takes many hearts to make a school’. All those involved in the school work from the perspective that each child is precious and that they have been given a special duty to work together, to support each other in all that they do.

We seek to provide excellence in education, stressing high academic standards and the development of individual potential in a dynamic, caring environment.

We aim to stimulate in students intellectual curiosity, the capacity to tackle and solve problems, the ability to think creatively and logically and the ability to work with others.

We are situated in the beautiful Swan Valley.