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In Primary School, each child from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 is supported, inspired and challenged to reach their potential through age-appropriate, interactive, engaging and contemporary learning programs.  

In Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, there is emphasis on balancing a playful, investigative approach with the explicit teaching of early literacy and numeracy skills.

From Pre-Primary to Year 6, students grow their skills and understandings across the core learning areas (Mathematics, English, Science, and Humanities and Social Science) and are taught how to utilise their skillsets to research and inquire to solve problems.

Other important learning areas include Health and Physical Education, Technologies (Digital and Design), The Arts (Visual Art and Music) and Religious Studies, many of which are taught by Specialist Teachers.

Learning is often taken beyond the classroom by participating in incursions, excursions, special events, carnivals, and outdoor experiences.

We aim to know each child and stretch them further across a breadth of areas of school life, including the Co-Curricular Program.