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The Swan Valley Anglican Community School Council is a committee of the Anglican Schools Commission (Inc) and is responsible to the ASC for the governance and stewardship of the School.

The Council is accountable for the strategy, oversight and operations of the School, always being subject to authority limits set down by the ASC through Policy from time to time.

The Principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the School.

Council Members

Council Members

Mr Doug Swingler - Chair School Council

Ms Julia Routley - Deputy Chair School Council

Mr Stephen Fidge - Treasurer / Chair Finance and Audit Committee

Mrs Wendy Hillman - Chair Attraction and Retention Committee

Mr Cameron Healy - Chair Buildings and Grounds Committee

Mr Tristan Seymour

Mrs Meika Pfeiffer-Gough

The Reverend Steven Hilton


Ex Officio:

Ms Melissa Powell - Principal

Mr Nesan Jayakumar - Business Manager