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2002 - 2004
2007 - 2010
2012 - 2017
2018 - 2019
2020 - 2023
2024 - onwards

2002 - 2004

The Anglican Schools Commission (Inc) commenced searching for land in the Upper Swan Valley to locate a site for a future school.

In 2004, the ASC entered a formal agreement with Multiplex to acquire and build the School in Aveley. At the time, it was decided that the School would be named Swanleigh Anglican Community School.


The School crest was designed.

The School motto, “Walk in the Truth”, was created (3 John 1:3-4).

Enrolments were confirmed throughout the year for students from Kindergarten to Year 8.


Foundation Principal, Mr John Matthews, commenced duties in August 2005.

As enrolments grew exponentially, more Teachers and support staff were employed.


Swanleigh Anglican Community School opened on 1 February 2006.

The first Chapel service was held on 8 February 2006 for all students, staff and parents.

127 students were enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 8, growing to 200 by the end of the year.

2007 - 2010

In 2007, the School was renamed Swan Valley Anglican Community School.

Mr Brian Grimes was appointed Principal in 2008.

A number of building developments took place:

  • Administration
  • Science and Technology
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH)
  • Junior Years Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Building 6

An agreement was arranged with the Anglican Diocese for the construction of a Chapel which would be shared with the local Anglican Parish.


A number of new buildings were opened:

  • The Chapel of the Holy Wisdom of God
  • School Canteen

The first Year 12 cohort of students graduated from the School.

2012 - 2017

Mr Doug Swingler was appointed Chair of School Council in 2012.

Mr Jason Bartell was appointed Principal in 2013.

Building works continued:

  • Buildings 2B, 6A and 7A
  • Primary Art Studio
  • Technology and Enterprise Training Centre
  • Café
  • Primary Classrooms
  • Campus carparking extended

2018 - 2019

Current Principal, Ms Melissa Powell, commenced in January 2018.

Jess Haydon (Year 12 2018) won the Beazley Medal: VET (the State’s top honour in student achievement for Vocational Education and Training) and the VET Exhibition for Construction Industries.

Caitlin Whittle (Year 12 2018) won the Australian School-Based Apprentice of the Year and WA School-Based Apprentice of the Year.

Introduction of annual WACE Assembly for high performing ATAR and VET Alumni.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program began in 2019 and all classes were filled immediately.

The new School Mantra ,“Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”, was introduced.

In response to requests from students, shorts and long pants were introduced as uniform options for girls.

New School-Owned 1:1 ICT Program introduced, superseding the previous BYOD Program.

Principal, Ms Melissa Powell, introduced a yearly Theme for the Whole School. In 2019, the Theme was “Today is a Gift!”.

2020 - 2023

The School continued to grow with record enrolments every year.

2020 Theme: “Positivity, Optimism and Hope”

2021 Theme: “We are Strong and Courageous!”

2022 Theme: “Gratitude and Joy!”

2023 Theme: “Respect (For Others, Yourself and the Environment)”.

Introduction of new Secondary Academic Awards, including certificates, badges, and prizes.

Secondary School (7-12) model introduced (amalgamating Middle and Senior Years).

Establishment of Student Representative Council (SRC).

Two new staff committees formed: Teaching and Learning, Pastoral Care.

Buddy Program introduced (Pre-Kindy – Year 12).

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr Seuss Whole School annual book reading for Year 12 Graduates.

10-year Reunions introduced for past Alumni.

Introduction of SVACS Rainbow Lockers for all students in Years 3-12.

New campus developments continued, including:

  • Building 9 (5 Classroom block)
  • Performing Arts Centre (including 230 seat Theatre)
  • New Music and Drama Rooms
  • Native plantings introduced to campus, including new Administration entrance.

2024 - onwards

The School continues to grow with record enrolments.

Primary School (PK-6) model introduced (amalgamating Early and Junior Years).

Introduction of new Secondary Specialist Basketball Program.

Introduction of new Secondary Sports Awards system, including certificates, badges, and trophies.

2024 Theme: “Excellence (Do Your Best; Learn From Your Mistakes; Be Proud of Your Achievements)”.

New campus developments continue, including:

  • Dance Studio
  • Building 10
  • Building 10A