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All students have the opportunity to engage in our rich and diverse Co-curricular Program. Studies indicate that participation in Co-Curricular activities is associated with enhanced academic outcomes, improved attendance, the cultivation of positive social behaviours, and overall constructive growth.

Student participation contributes to nurturing a deep sense of belonging, in line with one of our School's key priorities. Engaging in such activities not only develops interpersonal connections, positive friendships and a sense of agency, but also promotes inclusivity within the community, thereby substantiating a profound impact on an individual’s overall sense of wellbeing.

We offer a multitude of opportunities for students to showcase their talents across many domains, including Sport, Performing Arts, Enrichment, Service, Technology and Academic Clubs.

Some of our current and past Co-Curricular activities include:

Digital Technologies
Science Bridge-Building Competition
FUSE Cup eSports
Aero and Astro
Board Games Club
SVACS Dance Company
Art Club
The Duke of Edinburgh
Cooking Workshops
Fashion Design Club
Musical Theatre
Maths Enrichment
Materials – Wood and Metal
Tournament of Minds
Science Titration Stakes Competition
English Support Network
Italian Conversation Club
Anglicare Ambassadors
Interschool Sport (NEAS)


Please note that the list of Co-Curricular activities available is dependent on the interests of staff and students each year and is therefore subject to change.