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Swan Valley Anglican Community School is proud to be the second school in WA to be invited to join the Melbourne Assessment Centre’s (University of Melbourne) New Metrics Research Partnership. This invitation is only extended to selected forward-thinking schools that have demonstrated they are taking on the challenges of delivering current arrangements in curriculum and assessment.

With other like-minded schools, we are working with the Melbourne Assessment Centre to broaden the definition of school success for our students. As a collaborative research partner, our teachers are exploring ways to reimagine learning and assessment design so as to offer educational opportunities that allow every student to develop complex competencies. Our intention is to equip our young people with vital skill sets to enable them to navigate an increasingly diverse and changing workforce beyond school, and in doing so, make a positive contribution to humanity.

Our collaboration with The University of Melbourne New Metrics Initiative will be evidenced in the creation and validation of new assessment practices and tools that developed by our teachers for our students.