A Snap Shot of Early Childhood Numeracy

The children in Early Childhood have been very busy discovering new and exciting mathematical concepts through engaging learning experiences. Here is a snap shot of some of the Numeracy lessons that have taken place in Term 4.

In Kindergarten the children have been consolidating number recognition, developing essential counting principles and enhancing fine motor skills all through fun learning games played inside and outside the classroom! The children participated in small Numeracy learning activities. The outside task was a lot of fun and children were able to throw beanbags at the correct number called. Inside the classroom there were a number of activities taking place. The children used tweezers to put the correct amount of pom poms into the egg carton, whilst on another table children used magnetic letters to put numbers in the correct order.

The children in Pre Primary have been practising simple addition sums and have played many games to help develop essentials skills for adding. The Pre Primary students made an important discovery and learnt that if they start with the bigger number when solving an addition sum, then it is easier to add on the smaller number. Throughout the activities the Pre Primary children were encouraged to remember to only count one counter at a time in order to get the correct answer.

The Year 1 children have been having lots of fun learning about measurement this term. The children have used many different manipulatives to measure height, length and width of different objects. The children particularly enjoyed working in small groups using pop sticks to measure the length of different strips of paper (some of them were very long!). The children discovered that an important aspect of measuring accurately is to ensure that there are no gaps and overlaps of the measuring manipulative.

There have been many smiling faces during Year 2 Maths lessons recently as the children looked at different data displays and different ways to collect data information. During one particular lesson, each student was handed a small amount of Smarties and used them to create a bar graph. The students discussed their results with their peers and were able to answer questions and gather information from their individual data displays.

Keep up the great work Early Childhood! I look forward to hearing about more wonderful Numeracy discoveries soon.

Miss Stacie Butcher
Early Childhood Numeracy Coordinator