Surf's Up Carnival

Early Childhood ‘Surf’s Up’ Carnival

On Friday, 4 March, all Pre-Primary to Year 2 classes were treated to the first ever ‘Surf’s Up’ Carnival. Waiting for the day to begin, it was clear to see how pumped the students were, which for some, was their first carnival ever. As they made their way out to the oval through the water arch, accompanied by the Beach Boys Surfin in the USA, excitement levels rose. The oval was awash with colour, as students were decked out in their boardies and rashies. After a quick welcome from Mrs Crawshaw, the carnival got underway, with all students striving to win the “Big Wave” trophy for their class for showing the best sportsmanship and trying their hardest.

By the smiles on the faces as students were getting drenched, it is safe to say that they were having a whale of a time!

A huge thank you to the Senior School students who helped out on the day, the teachers who came early to help and of course, the parents who were there in support of their children. A special thanks must also go to Miss Ashby, who assisted in the lead up to the event, and more importantly, with the trialling of the bubble rockets. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

Miss Kate Eggleston
Junior School Sports Coordinator