Standing Tall!

Published 01 September 2015

Year 6 Standing Tall!

On Monday 31 August three members from the Telstra Shop in Joondalup accompanied Caitlin Bassett to present a series of talks to parents and Year 6 students.

The workshops aimed to provide an open forum to discuss and share issues surrounding the use of technology by children, for example:

•     Cyber Bullying

•     Social Networking

•     Mobile Phone Safety

•     Offensive or Illegal Content

•     How much is too much Technology?

The parent forum was well attended and the following discussion and questions were really interesting.

When Caitlin Bassett spoke to the Year 6 classes she informally surveyed the classes and discussed with students what sort of information you would share online. The outcomes of the presentations were similar in all three classes:

•  There are a high number of students who are using devices at night time, most without their parent’s permission or knowledge.

•  There are a high number of students who are on social media sites outside of their age group. Biggest concern is ‘KIK’ which we know is one of the worst sites, as it is unregulated in the country of origin and has highly inappropriate content.

•  There are a high number of students who do not have privacy setting on the apps they were accessing, and this places them at a higher risk to hacking, predators and identity theft.

This part of Caitlin’s workshop created the most discussion and engagement from the students. Her informal finding indicate that the students do have an understanding of what is and isn’t appropriate to put on social media accounts, however, whether they practice this on their own accounts would be interesting to see.

Our thanks on again go to Telstra and Caitlin Bassett for sharing these workshops with our students.  Information from the parent workshop can be accessed on the School’s website.

I would like to thank all those parents who supported the event and should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Ms Kate Goh | Year 6 Teacher

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