Year 5 & 6 Camps 2018

Published 20 June 2018

Camps Galore

This year we decided to send all the Year 5 and Year 6 students away on camp during the same week. The Year 5 students enjoyed a two-day camp at Swan Valley Adventure Centre and the Year 6 students explored Eaton Camp near Bunbury.

It seems that there was much learned during Week 4. From how to cook on a campfire to working in teams and solving puzzles. The students’ behaviour was, as ever, excellent. They left behind a series of wonderful experiences and returned home to fill their memory bottles to the brim. I would like to thank personally, all the teachers and education assistants involved in the camps for their commitment to our students. They gave up much of their own family time, to care for and help to create so many wonderful memories.

Year 5

On Thursday 24 May, a bunch of slightly nervous and very excited Year 5 students gathered at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre for their annual camp. Suitcases jostled as dark clouds ominously hovered and parents enthusiastically waved goodbye.

Over the next two days, the students hurled along zip lines, rolled across obstacles courses and huddled under nature shelters. Spirits ran high throughout the evening as hot chocolate and marshmallows, movies and merriment set in. As the rain stampeded like a herd of wildebeests, the Year 5s stood their ground and undefeated they soldiered on! They shouted, cried and laughed as they took their bows and arrows, and aimed straight for the bullseye. Their muddied shoes pounded the sodden grounds while they continued to be flooded by the never-ending creative and physical challenges.

Eventually, a band of tired but joyful, sweaty faces smiled at the welcoming arms of their loved ones. Sadly, the Year 5s bid farewell to their Wattle and Banksia campsites and held their new memories tight.

Year 6 Camp 2018

Written by Drew Benporath and Charlie Cain

The big day we had been waiting for had finally arrived. At last, we were on the long bus ride to Eaton Camp. We were buzzing with excitement and ready to have some fun. Pity we had already EATON all our snacks!

When we arrived, we could see the beautiful, calm river and the soft, luscious, green grass - perfect to play on. The bus driver and other volunteers unpacked the bags onto the grass. Split into four large groups (two boys and two girls) for the camp activities, the camp leader Shay welcomed us all by giving us a task to make shapes from newspaper tearing.

Afterwards we walked to the dorms and chose our beds for the nights ahead. Then it was lunchtime. The ‘food ladies’ had made us a delicious burger with a patty, lettuce, tomato and carrot between two soft, white bread buns.

After lunch, we had low ropes scheduled. This involved two people starting at either end of a long log and having to switch sides without touching the ground. There was also a spider web which was like a rectangle. We had to get our whole group through without touching the web and without using the same hole more than once. Next came the obstacle course race. We had to go through a small metal tunnel, find our way out of a wooden pyramid and then climb over a wooden wall. When we finished, everyone was dirty and sweaty, so we had a nice warm shower and got ready for dinner. While waiting for dinner some of us went to play footy on the long, flat field. Dinner was spaghetti and optional fruit. For dessert, we got warm apple crumble with custard.

The night activities consisted of a tricky riddle and a ‘Save the Chickeroo’s Eggs’ challenge. We all sat in a big group on the floor before being split into six smaller groups. We had to construct a model nest to stop the Chickeroo’s eggs from breaking. As groups, we had to make a poster, a song and a model made out of paper and straws to drop an egg on to. Not all the team’s eggs survived.

It was freezing that night, so we got a body warming hot chocolate just before we went to bed. We walked back up to our dorms to get our toothbrushes and toothpaste, to brush our teeth at the outdoor bathroom. Then we leaped in our sleeping bags to get a good night’s rest, as we all knew that we had a big day the next day. At first, it was very hard to get to sleep but soon enough we all fell into a deep slumber.

We awoke the next morning to chatter and a hearty breakfast of baked beans, scrambled egg, toast with vegemite or jam, cornflakes, Weetbix and fruit. Yum!

Our first activity of the day was canoeing. In groups of 2 or 3, we carefully placed our canoes into the water. Shay let us have time to get used to it before giving us a canoe lesson. He taught us how to turn and then we had a race. We had to paddle to shore, get out, run around a tree, paddle back to him and then show that we could do a 360 degrees turn, both ways.  We finished by playing a game of tag. If you were tagged, you had to stick your paddle in the air and wait for your team to save you. The next game we played was Fruit Salad. You named a fruit and when he called your fruit, you had to switch canoes with another one of your fruit. When he said, “Fruit salad,” all the fruits had to swap boats. It was a catastrophe but still fun. It was definitely the highlight of the camp.

After we refuelled on a much needed morning tea, we had raft building. In groups, we were given four empty barrels, six long, wooden poles and eight pieces of rope to build a raft. The instructor taught us how to tie a clove hitch and a square lashing. When we finished building our rafts, we got them into the water and paddled to the other side of the river. Guess what? Our raft didn’t break! We came back to the grass area and got our lunch which consisted of crispy chicken, juicy pineapple, lettuce and tomato. So good! Then it was ‘Natures Window’. This is where we made things with things from the bush and string.

After the day’s activities we were encouraged to have showers and then had some free time. Dinner was again delicious. The food ladies served us Shepherd’s Pie, and chocolate or lemon cake with custard. Then our last night of activities and we played sardines, which was great fun. It involved two people hiding in a spot and the rest of us trying find them but not give it away. We did that well, NOT! If you found the hiders, you had to sit with them until everyone found them. Then we played ‘Stalk the Lantern’! It was just like Spotlight. The evening ended with warm Milo and biscuit, cleaning teeth and then bed. This time there wasn’t much noise, as we all needed to sleep.

At 7am, we got up, got dressed and waited for the teachers to open our dorm doors to say it was breakfast time. That day we had toast, pancakes, juice, cereal and fruit. Our first activity of the day was bush cooking which involved scooping out the middle of an orange, filling it with chocolate cake mixture and then put it on the fire to cook. Delicious and followed by morning tea.

The last activity was team games. For this activity we played two games, one was Mad Eagle and one was Marshmallow River. Our camp ended with another delicious lunch, before we said our goodbyes and left for home.   


Some quotes from our Year 5 and Year 6 students about their time at Camp:

“I really loved the obstacle course. My favourite part was jumping over the logs in the pouring rain because it made it harder.” Rhett B 5F

“Getting all muddy was fun. It made me laugh non-stop. Camp is the best thing I have done all year so far!” Mia B 5T

“Building our shelter out of big logs, branches, leaves and blankets was the best. It was great fun working with everyone!” Lorcan 5T

“I liked sleeping in the same room with my friends and playing games with them.” Emma L 5F

“At camp, I found making the sling shot challenging because we didn’t discuss what it would look like. The egg didn’t go very far, but it was lots of fun.” Jaida M 5/6C

“When I was at camp, my favourite activity was when I got to be the first one to try out the zip line. It made me face my fears.” Rhys D 5/6C

“I thought dark light was challenging at camp because we had to work as a group. We found we needed to listen and pay attention more to the group.” Wyatt R 5/6C

“I enjoyed kayaking with my friends and splashing Ms Goh.” Corey 6G

“As the bus rolled out of the camp grounds I was ready to leave my heart filled with joy, as my time spent at camp had been so precious.” Year 6 student

“I enjoyed building rafts and swimming in the river. I was so happy because our team won!” Brook 6G

“When we began playing ‘Sardines’, my legs trembled as if they were made of jelly.” Jaiden A 6G

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