Year 5 Touch Rugby Carnival 2016

On Thursday 7 April, selected Year 5 students competed in our first ever Touch Rugby Carnival in Hilton. Whilst many of our students had never played Touch Rugby before, their new skills were most definitely demonstrated on the day.

Throughout the day the coaches and spectators saw many marvellous try's, quick dodges and steady hands. Both teams have to be congratulated on their outstanding team spirit, selflessness and desire to achieve their absolute best.

On the day, one of our teams made it into the finals, undefeated, and came off with a win in the nail biting grand final match! 

Two students who were recognised by the umpires were, Harry Shannon and Nathan Schupelius. Congratulations to both students for their outstanding efforts on the day.

Thank you to Mrs Jordan and Mrs Finis for your enthusiasm and support throughout the day! 

The Carnival was a wonderful culmination of the touch rugby unit in Physical Education.

Miss Sharna Ashby
Health and Physical Education