Year 6 Joins in World Outdoor Classroom Day

Published 23 October 2017

Creative Writing Challenge

Mrs Cymer set all of Year 6 a challenge…to be creative and critical thinkers in an outdoor classroom! She invited us to a Microsoft 365 One Note Space where we were able to access the challenge instructions to follow for the hour, it was so exciting…we had butterflies and bees in our tummies! We had to join with a partner from a different Year 6 class, plan and write outdoors a creative short story inspired the surroundings. We needed a beginning, middle and end and an issue or conflict to resolve.

The ‘Outdoor Classroom Writing Challenge’ was a chance for everyone to be creative, enjoy the outdoors, use technology and problem solve with a peer. We felt this experience benefited us a lot, because the outdoors felt so freeing and we think your mind becomes more creative in wide-open spaces. We think this was very helpful when it comes to enjoying English. It was obvious all of Year 6 enjoyed the hour and we all wish we could do it again by the show of hands at the end of the challenge.

We interviewed some the lovely Year 6 students who participated in the outdoor classroom writing challenge and these were their responses:

“It is extremely inspiring to work outside, especially when writing a creative story about the outdoors.”

“I found it to be a bit of a challenge but relaxing and I was eager to get started. I found the prompt tested my ability to think quickly, however my partner and I did not give up, unfortunately we didn’t get to finish.”

“Working together gives confidence and strength to your creative writing. More ideas pop into your head when working together.”

“Working outside is so much more enjoyable than working in stuffy hot classrooms, it really improves your creativity”
Mrs Cymer said we are going to get to do it again, yippee!

Written by Chelsea Trent, Jessica Murray and Heath Harper.

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