Year 9 Dream Team

We cannot predict the future, but at Swan Valley Anglican Community School, we are preparing for it!

SVACS Year 9 Dream TeamThe world is changing: it is fast paced, global and the development of new technologies means many jobs could be at risk in the future. It is critical for our students to develop the necessary 21st century skills to cope with the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

At Swan Valley Anglican Community School, we have developed a unique, dynamic and relevant program that meets the needs of our Year 9 students. Called the Year 9 Project, the focus is to educate our young people to thrive in the 21st century and to manage complex ways of thinking and working. We want them to be passionate about learning, curious and enthused. We want them to be challenged, engaged and to own their own learning.

Through an approach to teaching and learning called Challenge Based Learning, the central focus of the Year 9 Project is to encourage students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real problems. It is authentic, collaborative and hands on. It isn’t about teachers providing all the knowledge and all the answers – it is about getting students to think; to work in communities to ask questions and develop and deepen their understanding to solve problems and take action. It is about developing an approach to learning that encompasses a challenge and a solution.

This year has seen the Year 9s involved in a number of challenges including a challenge to find the best 'Dream Team for Success'; it has involved a service learning project whereby students tacked real problems such as mental health, the homeless or the elderly, and lastly it has involved the students creating their own virtual backpack for success as they prepare for Senior School in 2018.

While the future may be uncertain, it certainly looks bright at Swan Valley Anglican Community School.