Music Camp 2018

New Norcia Music Camp 2018

At the beginning of every year, the Music department organises a 48-hour school camp for the dedicated music students of Swan Valley Anglican Community School to join together and create music. This is a fantastic opportunity each and every year for music students and this year was no exception.

On Thursday 15 February, some very excited students from Years 7-12 left for New Norcia, for the start of music camp. New Norcia was a hive of music making with students jamming out in one of the halls of St Gertrude’s and intimately rehearsing vocal pieces, utilising the fantastic acoustics of the building’s chapel. Students were given time to work on their own pieces, which enabled them to develop an independent learning attitude towards music as well as time to rehearse with the respective ensembles, guitar, choir and combined band.

The itinerary for this year, as always, was jam-packed with many rehearsals and activities. One activity which all students participated in as a combined choir, was ‘sing for your supper’. There were also many music and rhythm-based games and activities designed to engage and excite the students about music.

Despite the hot weather, the camp was a great experience where students improved their musical ability and enjoyed a positive social environment. It was full of fun and laughter. Students enriched existing friendships and created new ones, making it a memorable experience for everyone. A highlight at the end of music camp was a small concert. Students worked on items during camp and performed for their families. This showcase presented each-and-every one of our talented students at Swan Valley Anglican Community School.

Every music camp is always very well planned and thought out by our dedicated music staff, we give special thanks to Mr Local, Ms Kingston and Mr Musca. We would also like to thank Mrs Webster who supported them with the added help of Hayden Webster and Harley Gardiner, who have both graduated from SVACS and its Music department.

Zahra Stoney and Aiden Mailey
Music Captains 2018