Kindergarten Grandparents Day 2015

Early Years

Grandparents Day 2015

Our focus topic in Kindergarten this term was ‘All About Me.’ The students participated in a variety of activities that allowed them to learn about who they are and where they come from. This involved looking at our past history and how it has changed. Over the term we invited our grandparents in to school to discuss what it was like to grow up in their era. To conclude our ‘All About Me’ topic we invited the student’s grandparents to celebrate ‘Grandparents Day.’ It was wonderful to see so many grandparents interacting with their grandchild, making some amazing Easter crafts (Easter basket and chicken). We finished the afternoon off by enjoying a shared afternoon tea and singing a few songs. We hope the grandparents enjoyed spending time with their grandchild as much as the children enjoyed spending time with their grandparents.

Mrs Cappi, Mrs Salas, Mrs Arch and Miss Lavall