Year 2 Grandparents Day

Early Years

Grandparent's Day at SVACS


To help the Year 2 students understand the concept of the past, they invited a grandparent (or parent) to school to share morning tea. Prior to the event, the students were requested to list a few questions they could ask their grandparents, to enable them to find out about their past and the era they lived in. The students were very surprised to learn that their grandparents grew up in a world where they had no mobile phones and in some cases no phones at all, no iPads or tablets, no computers and no DVDs! Stories were shared of days of old whilst the students eagerly heard what their grandparents had to say.

Tales were told of bikes they rode around the streets, where games such as hopscotch were played, whilst some grandparents said they skipped their way to school and back or simply read books and played board games. The students agreed that this sounded like a lot of fun too. The morning ended with a shared morning tea prepared by families of the school.

The Associate Principal of Early Childhood, Mrs Jo Crawshaw said “technology is a wonderful thing and has transformed our lives, though it is good for the children to learn that there really are a great deal of fun things you can do without it.”