Wildcats Incursion

Junior Years

The Wildcats come to SVACS town!

As we walked in the door we were filled with delight as we discovered we were going to meet the Wildcat basketball team! We started counting down to the moment we would meet them. Suddenly we were about to explode with excitement because we were the two 6C students chosen to greet two of the Wildcats players at the front office. After that great news our day flew swiftly by in the blink of an eye. Suddenly it was session 6.

Then came the moment when we found ourselves greeting Damian Martin and Jesse Wagstaff at our school reception. This was no mean feat because they were 6 feet tall! We were speechless, in fact Emma tried to talk but was met with a tongue twister like no other! The school erupted like a giant volcano of excitement as we toured the team captain and guard through the school. We arrived like celebrities entering a pop concert being held in the MPH. Everyone we passed stopped, stared and couldn’t believe their eyes as they realised they were in the presence of the WILDCATS. We learnt a ton of skills, experienced lots of fun activities and games encouraging team spirit. What touched us the most was their never ending enthusiasm to include everybody making sure everyone participated showcasing their unique abilities.

It was the end of the day quite suddenly and to our horror the time with the players was over! Damian and Jessie’s giving had no end as they lingered a while signing books, shirts and even Mrs Cymer’s Wildcats pencil case and coffee cup! Unfortunately, we had to say good bye.

As we waved farewell, we watched them leave with Damian driving their little red mini cooper with Jessie’s knees looped over his ears…

What a fantabulous day!

Written by Emma Stevens and Damien Gardiner (Year 6C)