Year 6 Camp

Junior Years

Finally, the day all Year 6 students had been waiting for arrived. With some trepidation and a lot of excitement, the first group of wide-eyed Year 6s began their bus ride to Eaton. The nervous energy on the bus was obvious.

When they arrived at the campsite bags were unpacked and beds chosen. The campsite was explored and over the following three days students participated in a range of activities, organised and professionally run by Shay from ‘Anywhere Adventures’. These included:

  • Low Ropes Course
  • Team Games
  • Orienteering
  • Kayaking
  • Nature’s Canvas
  • Raft Building

The evening activities included the famous Chick-a-roo’s egg challenge. (We can’t tell you about it as we don’t want to spoil the fun for next year). We also had an Easter egg hunt, which included one of the eggs being stolen by a resident Bandicoot, and a game of sardines. On Wednesday the next camp group arrived and we all had lunch together.

It was a wonderful experience for all. I was so impressed by the behaviour of all students and their willingness to ‘have a go’ at all the new experiences. I would also like to thank all the staff for coming down and working so hard to make camp such a success including Mr Avins, Mrs Cymer, Mr Freind (we won’t mention the items he left at home), Mrs Humphrey, Ms Barrett, Mrs De Angelis and Mr Campbell.

Some memories from Erin O and Mambwe N.

Dead Ants and Elephants – “We played a fun game to help us interact with other students we don’t normally interact with at school. By the end of the game there were three people left, two girls and Xander Goh. Our instructor told us to do mixed elephants and only one girl could go through to the next round. The two girls battled it out to try to get to Xander.”

Music at Dinner – “As we ate our delicious dinner, the teachers played music. Once we had finished our dinner they played a song that was, well, old, really old. Mr Freind started singing along. Then he started to play air guitar, it was very embarrassing.”

Year 6 Camp was an amazing adventure!

Ms Kate Goh
Year 5/6 Coordinator