Year 6 Celebration Assembly 2017

Junior Years

Year 6 Celebration Assembly 2017

It is time to say goodbye to our Year 6 cohort and wish them all the very best as they continue their learning journey through Middle School. We are very confident that they are ready to embrace the many challenges that they will face. Please come back and visit in 2018!

“You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.”
Dr Seuss

On behalf of the Year 6 students, the Student Council Executive members – Elisha Barnes, Lee Benporath, Ishrat Gagneja and Nathan Schupelius wrote a reflection about the experiences from the last seven years that have helped to shaped them into the students they are today – strong, resilient and compassionate.

Do you remember Golden Time? Do you remember the excitement when we first got our tablets? And surely you must remember all of the excursions? Ah … the memories. Sit back and enjoy this journey through the 'Seven Years of Primary School'.

First Year

We eagerly step into the classroom, ready to meet our new friends. We are instantly hit with a kaleidoscope of colour. Everyone is excited about the year ahead; a new year of fun, playing and learning. We all eagerly anticipate Golden Time, the highlight of our week. We sit on tiny chairs and count to ten, recite the alphabet and learn how to pronounce sounds. We participate in lots of fun activities, but the best bit is that there is hardly any work. Day by day we are becoming more independent and confident in our learning.

Second Year

As we sit in our small chairs, gazing around the classroom at the colourful things on the walls, so much information flooding into our empty minds. We paint pictures, do small amounts of work and eagerly wait for everyone's favourite session - Golden Time, our very last one. Once a week we visit the computer lab, practise our typing and play fun games that give mental stimulation. We enjoy having our last Early Childhood sports day and look forward to the competitive sports carnival in Year 3. Farewell Year 2.

Third Year

Noise erupted to symbolise the start of more work, more fun and more friends. The elegant swan, our new teacher, accompanied us, her little children for the year, to our slightly bigger desks. Like other years, the colours brightened the walls, making all the students excited. We sat tall with pride, joy beaming from our faces in our formal uniforms, waiting patiently for the next instruction, just as we always have done. The wait till recess was pure agony but this routine was our daily symphony. Along came excursions, assemblies, awards and many other significant things. In moved the reading corner, with its comfy couch and lots of books. Projects increased, more work! If this was Year 3, what would Year 4 be like?

Fourth Year

Our shells that have contained all our confidence and independence have finally started to crack, as we reach the halfway mark of Primary School. Our hands now have enough grip to get a hold on the qualities that our Year 4 teachers have put precious time into teaching us. Preparing us to have the resilience we will need to face the upcoming years. From teaching us the importance of caring for our tablets, that we have been so desperately waiting for, to learning about historical events such as the First Fleet; events that have shaped our heritage. We look at ourselves now; so big and independent, but there is more to go and our minds tend to wonder about how much we will change in Year 5. Right now, this adventure is still being explored, as there are still things we need to learn.

Fifth Year

It is the second last year of Junior School and we can't wait to get going. We say hello to our friends and sit down. We unload our stationery into our trays and settle into our classroom. Posters are elegantly displayed across the wall and there is a sense of security surrounding me like a shield. Time flies and before we know it … it’s the most anticipated event of the year - camp. We arrive at the adventure camp at 5:00pm and there is a buzz of happiness in the air. Everyone loved firing eggs out of the catapults we made and it was the perfect way to end the week.

The sad moment came one week later when it was time to say farewell to our friends once again. We all look forward to the two month break before the start of our last year of Junior School. Our confidence and resilience has skyrocketed and we have all become better people.

Sixth Year

As we finish the Primary School years, our minds are full of, memories and achievements, adventures and of course, hormones. The highlight of Year 6 would have to be, camp. The delicious food, the rock climbing, rafting, canoeing and of course abseiling, where we were entertained by Mr Avins graceful descent. We also cannot forget the long, never ending bus trip, trying to sleep with the bugs and bats, the freezing cold weather and the Nanga Bill story which left us terrified. Camp was just one of the many unforgettable memories of Year 6.

When we see the Year 1 children being greeted by their parents at the end of the day, with eagerness painted on their faces, we visualise little versions of ourselves. It makes us realise how much we have grown and how much we have changed …

Seventh Year – into the future

Walking every day from class to class, chattering about what is going to happen next. Organising our own lockers, doubling the number of classes, more responsibility … Studying hard for our next exam during our spare time. As you can tell, the realm of Middle School isn’t going to be easy. But think of it in another way. Imagine this …

Greeting teachers brightly every morning. Getting overjoyed at the thought of our new subjects and what projects we will have. Our own lockers, how exciting! Don’t forget the new computers. And the science experiments are just WOW! So, Year 6’s, I think we are all ready for this new chapter of our life. Thank you Junior School, for your care and generosity, and hello Middle School!

Mrs Suzanne Stewart
Associate Principal Junior School