Aurecon Bridge Building

Middle Years

Aurecon Bridge Building Competition 2018

The Aurecon Bridge Building contestants this year spent a great deal of time constructing bridges for the competition at Scitech. Leading up to the event many lessons were conducted on the physics principles regarding construction and on how best to go about the task of bridge building. During the event students ensured that their bridges were of a sufficient standard and met with all the criteria. They were exposed to a variety of activities and shows, all the time acting as excellent ambassadors for the school.

Mr Craig Bosch (Head of Science)

Below is a synopsis from students:

On Thursday of Week 3, we had the privilege of going to Scitech to participate in the Aurecon Bridge Building competition. Around 20 schools participated with a total of 30 teams. Over the course of the day students were able to test their bridges, to see how much weight each bridge could hold. The creativity and designs of each bridge were magnificent and being able to experiment with the other exhibits was lots of fun! Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and something we hope to take part in again!

Lisa Pudhota and Lucy Porter (Year 8 students)