Medieval Day at SVACS

Middle Years

The Middle Ages


During this term in Humanities, we have been looking at life in the ‘Middle Ages’. We covered the feudal system, castles, food, entertainment, the Black Death, clothing, and weapons. My favourite part of the course was the group project. We were put into groups to create a poster and a model on one of the aspects of the Middle Ages that we had been learning about. We worked collaboratively to combine our knowledge to create a visual project that was both hands-on, and required all of our knowledge. This project was different to most of our assignments. We were given more leeway, and we could be more creative and think outside-the-box. To finish the History course, we had a Medieval Day. Everyone was given a role to portray in the feudal system (e.g. King, Queen, nobles, church officials, knights and peasants.) We got to see how the feudal system worked, whilst having a great day.

Written by Catherine Porter 8M

Medieval Day at Swan Valley Anglican Community School

On Thursday 7 April, 2016, Year 8 students at Swan Valley Anglican Community School participated in a ‘Medieval Day’ as part of the Humanities Department’s curriculum focus on historical inquiries. Activities on the day included a medieval banquet and medieval games, allowing students to experience a ‘taste’ of life in the Middle Ages. As part of an assessment, the students worked collaboratively in groups, researching and synthesising information on warfare and culture during the Middle Ages. During the inquiry process, the students were highly engaged and developed skills of independent learning. They then created models to display; ranging from castles and trebuchets, to medieval fashion and music. In the weeks leading up to the exciting event, the students were given roles from the feudal system, and it was fantastic to see so many dressing in character, really adding to the historic mood. This wonderful event could not have taken place without the enormous efforts of the P&FA and Facilities, who helped with the set up and decorations; the kitchen staff at the School for the catering; the patience and support of parents; and the fantastic Year 8 cohort who embraced the event and made it truly engaging and educational.

Rebekah Overton
Teacher of Humanities