Prefects 2020

Senior Years

Congratulations to our newly-elected Prefect Group for 2020. It is a great honour to be entrusted with these positions of leadership. No doubt, our new Prefects will serve the school admirably.

Prefects 2020:

Head Prefects: Elizabeth Johnson & Mikail Maricar
Chapel/Service Prefects: Rachel Bushe-Jones & Sophie Bushe-Jones
Music Prefects: Mollie White & Paul Stone
Sport Prefects: Anika Meyer & Eric Webb
House Prefects (Irwin): Amy Wydler & Calvin Powell
House Prefects (Moore): Marna Basson & Andre Pavlovic
House Prefects (Stirling): Kaileisha Sheppard & Blessed Mukundu
House Prefects (Waylen): Rebecca Mittonette & Claudio Stellato