Visual Arts Gallery Experience

Senior Years

Year 11 & 12 Visual Arts Gallery Experience

On Thursday 10 May Swan Valley Anglican Community School Visual Arts Senior school students from Years 11 & 12 journeyed to the city on a stimulating excursion to the Perth Cultural Centre.

Their day commenced with a Street-Art Walking Tour through the city centre. The students explored the alleys of Perth taking in some breathtaking sights and were in awe of the unique range of artwork on display.

From enormous murals of sea dragons to retro dress patterns that adorned the walls and walkways, they also took in the wonders of the various sculptures on exhibit throughout the Cultural Centre. The students were truly inspired by the background knowledge behind the creation of each piece.

The tour concluded at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, where students viewed leading projects of Art by Western Australian Visual arts students from 2017 in the ‘Year 12 Perspectives’ exhibition.

The excursion gave the Visual Arts students an insight and understanding of the different purposes of art, to awaken their senses, open their minds and fuel their imagination to endless possibilities, inspiring them to create masterpieces of their own and keep the magic within alive...

“…..the street walk was very informative, helping me have a better understanding of the paintings and sculptures in the City of Perth.” Danielle Hughes

“…..the street tour enabled me to appreciate the background and purpose of graffiti art in our city. The Art Gallery was inspiring.” Stephanie Allen

Mrs Melissa Sutterby
Visual Arts Teacher