Year 9 Outdoor Education

Senior Years

On Tuesday 12 March, a group of my peers and I went on a rock climbing excursion to Boya Quarry as part of the Outdoor Education course. When we arrived at the quarry and saw what we had got ourselves into, our nerves for the upcoming climbs skyrocketed. A couple of my fellow classmates and I stared up at the massive rock wall regretting haven chosen Outdoor Ed. as one of our electives, knowing we needed to do this excursion more than anything if we wanted to pass. We built up our courage slowly and began making our way to the base of the wall where we would climb up the hot rocks as well as belay our peers.

The first job I undertook after we went through safety procedures and got into our gear was belaying. I enjoyed belaying in our school gym when my peers attempted those rock walls but quickly learnt that belaying out on real rock faces was a whole other story. This belaying required sharp concentration and quick reflexes in case of a slip or fall. Luckily, my reflexes were up to scratch and I easily regained control when a mishap occurred.

Next, I had my first climb. My nerves were sky high as my harness was clipped into the karabiner. I began to climb. I got no further than one metre high before I was stuck and couldn’t find anywhere for my feet to push off from. My Outdoor Ed. teacher, Mr. Lowndes came to help me and held my foot on a tiny ledge no wider than an inch. Once I had pushed up from that, I was alright and I was climbing the wall with ease. Without the help from Mr Lowndes, I have no doubt I would have given up after only getting a metre high. I forgot about my nerves as I climbed and began to really enjoy it. Once I reached the top, it was time to abseil back down. When I was back on hard ground I couldn’t stop smiling, knowing I had just completed a climb I thought I’d never be able to complete. I learnt that, when attempting something as great as this, you need to keep pushing forwards or in this case up to reach your goals.

After the day was over and we were back on the bus I realised just how much fun I had just had on the trip and was already wishing the day could have lasted just a little bit longer. If I had the option to go on this excursion again I would go in a heartbeat. It was by far the most exciting thing I’ve ever done and I strongly recommend taking up Outdoor Ed, purely so you can have an experience of a life time.

Hope Kavanagh (Year 9)