Anglicare WA School Sleep Out

Whole School

On Friday 7 August, 27 of our students and three staff members braved the elements and “slept rough” on the verandah outside the Multi-Purpose Hall in support of the 9000 homeless people in WA who experience this every night; 3000 of these are young people aged between ten and twenty years old. This was part of the annual Anglicare WA School Sleep Out.

During the night students went through several simulation activities including a soup kitchen dinner and breakfast, trying to seek assistance from agencies to gain an identity, being moved on from where they had settled for the night and several other challenges.

Students were sponsored to complete the event, raising funds for Anglicare WA's Street Connect youth homelessness service which works with young people on the streets of Perth to help them get their lives back on track. Street Connect relies entirely on donations from the public to undertake their work.

The Swan Valley Team has raised just over $8000 and hope to raise more. The Anglicare Sleep Out project across many WA Anglican schools has so far raised over $99 000.

You too can support Team Swan Valley by making a tax deductable, online donation at: