Harmony Day 2016

Whole School

Harmony Day – A sense of belonging for everyone

On Monday, 21 March, 2016 students at Swan Valley Anglican Community School celebrated Harmony Day. Swan Valley Community School is a culturally diverse community and so the central messages of ‘everyone belongs’ and respect are important for our school. More importantly, we believe that our school is a stronger place because it is so culturally diverse.

We celebrated Harmony Day in three ways:

1. Students and their parents contributed an enormous amount of food that reflected their cultural background.  This was shared amongst large groups made up of students across three sub schools – junior, middle and senior. It was a lovely sight to see the different age groups in the school mingling, sharing, laughing and of course, eating. An important message of Harmony Day is for students to acknowledge their differences but more importantly to see what we all have in common.

2. Secondly, we asked students to wear clothes that reflected their cultural background. The school was awash with colour and diversity.

3. Lastly, the whole community, from Years 1 to 12, gathered on the School oval at mid-day to celebrate our community by spelling out the word HARMONY. The students did a terrific job in keeping within the letters marked out on the grass and we have been rewarded with a marvellous photograph. 

The video can be viewed via Harmony Day 2016 video.

It truly was an amazing day! The day reflected our sense of community and inclusiveness at Swan Valley Anglican Community School.

Ms Debbie Davies
Associate Principal Middle School