Primary School Cross Country Carnival

Whole School

Early Childhood and Junior School Cross Country Carnivals 2018


On Friday 8 June, the Primary School had their Cross Country Carnivals. With the weather looking bleak all week, having rained for days, we were blessed with clear skies and not a rain drop in sight. With thanks to the wonderful Senior School helpers and a few generous parents, we were able to set up in no time and were pumped and ready for the races to begin. Excitement abounded the oval as the year 1 and 2 students made their way out for the second ever Early Childhood Cross Country Carnival. Before too long they were off and racing! After all of their hard work in Physical Education lessons preparing students physically and mentally for the challenge that they were about to face, it was so fantastic to see all of the students trying their best and most importantly, having fun!

EC Cross Country Table of Results

 With a quick bite to eat and a few adjustments to the course, we were off and racing again…literally! The Junior School Cross Country Carnival followed after lunch, with students showing as much grit and determination as ever. Sportsmanship was abundant, as were the sweaty faces of all of the competitors.

 JS Cross Country Table of Results

After acknowledging our Champions, excitement filled the air as the final results were entered. Which House was going to take home the House shield? Could anyone knock Waylen off their perch? With a drum roll from Mrs Stewart (and thankfully no flossing this time), the winner was announced… Waylen won with 438 points and the House erupted with cheers! Now the question remains…can they be beaten? Maybe Athletics will tell a different story?

Junior School Cross Country

A huge thank you must go to all of the Senior School students, PE staff, parents and teachers that assisted on the day, the P&FA for refuelling everyone with their delectable coffee and treats, and of the course, the parents that came along to support all of our wonderful students.


Miss Kate Eggleston

Junior School Sports Coordinator