Secondary Interhouse Swimming

Whole School

The Interhouse Secondary School Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 28 February 2019. The day was extremely hot which definitely encouraged students to jump in the pool. It was very competitive between the Houses with regards to races and House spirit.

Throughout the day there was a tight battle between the leading Houses as well as the roar of chants being heard!

At assembly the results were announced. It was with great excitement that we heard that Irwin had won the House Spirit Award! After that the winning House of the carnival was announced. Everyone was anticipating the win as the House points were very close together. Mr Lowndes announced, “In fourth place, Stirling on 1370”, “In third place, Moore on 1602”, “In second place, Waylen on 1749” and, “The 2019 Swimming Carnival Champions, IRWIN on 1780”. Irwin House screamed with excitement! This was the first time that Irwin had won since the school opened.

We would like to thank everyone for cheering on and having a go on such a hot day! Congratulations Irwin, let’s aim for the same result at the Cross Country Carnival.

Courtney Johnstone and Taylor Gersch
Irwin House Captains

Interhouse Swimming Carnival Irwin House winners