The Rockin Tale of Snow White

Whole School

It was with great excitement that in Term 3 our school presented the amazing musical ‘The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White’ in partnership with Perth Youth Theatre. This hilarious musical comedy was performed by a cast of students from Years 4 to 12. The students had a wonderful time rehearsing throughout Terms 2 and 3.

The musical took a slightly different take on the traditional story….below is a short synopsis….

The tale of Snow White has never felt so fresh with this funny adaptation that made even the most jaded among us laugh out loud! New characters and comedic twists came to life as a modern mom read the Brothers Grimm tale to her restless children. In addition to the well-known cast of the kind princess, evil queen, multiple dwarves and the morally conflicted Huntsman, this musical introduced us to some fresh new faces such as rhyme-happy ladies-in-waiting and a stick-in-the-mud governmental representative out to ruin everyone’s good time! (He nabbed the Huntsman for attempting to kill a wild pig without a hunting license and fined a dwarf for picking a bouquet of state flowers!) Musical styles of all genres fused to create a rousing mixture of hip-hop, rock and roll, doo wop and more! With its tongue-in-cheek humour, catchy songs and an unbelievably flexible cast, this show was a winner for all ages.

Now that our 2019 production is over, we look forward to what amazing opportunity awaits us in 2020…