The Servant of Two Masters

Whole School

Drama Production

The Servant of Two Masters

By Carlo Goldoni (adapted by Nick Enright and Ron Blair)

16, 17 & 18 May 2018

For this year’s production, the School’s drama department chose to perform The Servant of Two Masters, a classic Italian comedy from 1746, originally written by Carlo Goldoni. Our version was adapted for Australian audiences by Nick Enright and Ron Blair. The show revolves around Truffaldino; a plucky, but incompetent servant who manages to find himself employed by two masters at once! The company of 14 students under the direction and guidance of Mrs Meredith Corr worked together to create an exciting, colourful and above all entertaining experience for the audience.

As a part of the Year 12 General Drama Course, Aiden Mailey, Coen Gobby and Edward Barrett (who are all cast members), were tasked with creating their own vision for the play’s costume design. The boys came up with something altogether unique; rather than limiting all the costumes to a single era and style, they chose to take inspiration from multiple time-periods, all with their own distinct trends, which exemplify the characters that wear them.

Having the rehearsals commence only at the end of Term 4 of last year, it was amazing to see how much work has been done by all the staff and students who helped make the show such a professional one. Once again, Mrs Sutterby and the Visual Art department stepped up to help construct and paint the flats for the transformed performance space in Building 1 of the Primary School. The vibrant, bright, colourful backdrops gave the performance a more stylised, ‘cartoonish’ aesthetic contributing to its witty, light hearted, comedic nature.

Recognition should be given to Jasmin Pradhan and Nicholas Harris who took on the responsibilities of the stage manager and crew. With a talented cast and dedicated director, this year’s production was undoubtedly a massive success. Thank you to everyone who contributed or supported the show in any way.

Aiden Mailey (Year 12)

Note from the Director

While studying The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni with my Year 11 General Drama class in 2017, it was obvious that the students enjoyed the plot, the themes and the characters immensely. Their shared enjoyment of the play was infectious, so it seemed a natural choice as this year’s Drama Production. This adaption by Nick Enright and Ron Blair brings a distinctly Australian flavour to the original text and makes the language more accessible to a contemporary audience. I am particularly proud of this cast for the way that they have worked so seamlessly together, creating an extremely fast-paced and slick performance.

Short synopsis:

The Servant of Two Masters is a comedy written by Carlo Goldoni in 1746 and follows the story of Truffaldino, a servant who decides to work for two people simultaneously in order to obtain food and wealth. However, serving two masters at the same time often requires you to be in two places at once!
Truffaldino couldn’t be happier with his change of circumstance balancing two jobs and earning double the wage. However, his ‘masters’ turn out to be separated lovers on the run staying at the same inn. With one disguised as a man, the wily Truffaldino tries to handle the chaos. Hoop-la and hilarity take hold in this comedy of love gone wrong and mistaken identity in romantic Venice. This version of the play was adapted from Goldoni’s classic play by Nick Enright and Ron Blair.

Mrs Meredith Corr
Drama Teacher

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