Welcome Back to School

Whole School

All of our staff are now back at work busily getting ready for Term 1. We are all looking forward to greeting our students at the start of Term 1.

We are delighted to welcome 14 new staff members to our growing school community: Mrs Rebecca Scarfone (Pre-Kindergarten), Mrs Leah Hampton (EA: Early Years), Mrs Kathleen Newbury (EA: Early Years), Mrs Melissa Beasley (Year 5), Miss Emily Smith (Year 6), Mrs Meenakshi Allen (Mathematics), Mr Casey Willmore (Mathematics), Miss Michelle Dragan (Science), Mr David Husband (Science & Year 9 Coordinator), Miss Samantha Settineri (Drama), Mrs Gillian Dawn (Head of Learning Enrichment), Mrs Nastassia Carter (Teacher: Learning Enrichment), Mrs Christi-Marie Coetzee (EA: Learning Enrichment) & Mrs Rebecca Hodges (EA: Learning Enrichment).