World’s Greatest Shave 2018

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World’s Greatest Shave 2018

This is the sixth year that our Senior School Student Leaders have raised funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. Expectations were exceeded, with many of our students and staff participating in the World's Greatest Shave either through colouring, cutting long hair or shaving.

What an outstanding collective contribution! The Student Leaders did an exceptional job in organising the event and rallying community support. A special mention to all the staff who supported the students in this fabulous achievement.

Ms Melissa Powell

A proud school community gathered in the Swan Valley Anglican Community School gym. Music played while students ate lunch, collection tins rattled, spray cans fizzled and razors hummed. On Thursday 15 and Friday 16 March 2018, 33 students and staff bravely participated in the World’s Greatest Shave event, in support of the Leukaemia Foundation. Incredibly, the Swan Valley ACS team raised $11 019.35, a fantastic achievement that the whole school community should applaud themselves on. Most importantly, recognition and admiration goes to our top earners, Cayleigh Davis ($3128), Ziggy Bannatee ($1300), Clay McGowan ($1180) and Ms Rachel Vonk ($974) as well as all the staff members and students who participated. It was great to see the Year 12 PCG teachers get involved and spray their hair, as well as a courageous Miss Vonk raffling off the cutting of her ponytails. Without the support of the leadership team, Mrs Finlay, Mr Scarfone and our hairdressers from the local area, this day, which is dedicated to such a great cause, would not have been possible. Thank you so much to all those who contributed and congratulations to all the members of our school community who have aided in a more positive outcome for blood cancer sufferers.

Matthew Cox (Head Boy)
on behalf of the Student Leadership Team

“When people have asked me about why I would cut my hair off, I answered, “have you seen anyone go through cancer? It’s bad enough to suffer cancer but to lose your hair as well is really upsetting. If I can help by just getting my hair cut and at the same time raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation, why wouldn’t I.”

Cayleigh Davis (Year 7)