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We recognise that the development of teaching and learning processes has increasingly become technology centric. This is emphasised in our classrooms, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for future industries in a rapidly changing world.

With all students from Years 4-12 readily able to access a 1:1 device, and Year 3 students able to access in-classroom devices, we have the potential to engage our students in a wider range of curriculum opportunities and encourage students to explore new and creative ways of thinking. Our students have opportunities to create and design multimedia coursework, understand and program robotics, print digital designs in 3D, and learn to communicate and collaborate in teams with other schools across the globe.

We operate a School-Owned Device Program (1:1) with a compulsory ICT levy applied annually for access to technology. This ICT levy applies to all students in Years 4-12. Only School-owned computers are permitted to be used as part of our 1:1 program.

The School uses ACER TravelMate tablet PCs. Features include a 360-degree design, durable construction, a stylus-enabled touch screen and long battery life.