ACER TravelMate Tablet PC

Welcome to the School's ACER TravelMate tablet computer!

ACER TravelMate - with its flexible 360-degree design, durable construction, stylus-enabled touch screen and long battery life, the TravelMate helps get students to the peak of their learning potential.

The device allows for:

  • Unique capabilities for note-taking
  • Access to notes, files, & internet all on one convenient device
  • Supports multiple learning styles
  • Facilitates communication, collaboration, engagement

The stylus-enabled touch screen allows users to write and draw on the screen. This informal means of text input (vs. keyboarding) is more conducive to certain types of writing, such as note-taking, diagramming, and journaling. Having the ability to draw and write notes better supports and engages a wider range of learning styles, particularly visual and kinesthetic learners. Using multiple pen colors improves emphasis of important points and understanding of categorized concepts.

The ICT Levy will include access to a school-owned ACER Travelmate which crucially includes 3 year warranty, Accidental Damage Protection (ADP), software licensing and is supplied in a protective carry case.  

The following video will step you through the details of the School's current 1:1 device.


For more information regarding the robustness of the school issued ACER device, please see below