Teaching and Learning in the Junior Years

Our commitment to each and every child within the Junior Years is to ensure they develop a love of learning and strive to achieve their personal best.

We acknowledge that all children learn differently. They:

  • learn at different rates;
  • have different learning styles;
  • work towards achieving individual learning goals.

We aim to:

  • nurture curious and inquiring minds by providing a range of learning opportunities;
  • encourage high personal expectations;
  • maximize their strengths and encourage their personal talents;
  • engage them in steering their own learning journey;
  • provide explicit teaching of the English and Mathematics;
  • develop ICT literate students;
  • promote a strong pastoral approach to ensure that the children are ready to learn.

By the time they leave the Junior Years, we hope that our children will display the School’s Core Values of Commitment, Compassion, Excellence, Inclusion, Resilience and Respect. We want them to be well equipped for the many challenges they may face as they continue their learning journey.

'My best memory was meeting new people and learning new things. I couldn’t ask for a better year at SVACS!' Year 5 student