School Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy photo

Swan Valley Anglican Community School seeks to encourage and nurture the spirituality of its students, and to support them as they explore the big questions of God, life, meaning, and where they fit into the big picture of the world.

All students attend Chapel Services throughout the year, alongside a Chapel Program that seeks to make them engaging, age-appropriate, bible-centred and Christ-focused.

There are four Chapel Services each fortnight, one for each of our Learning areas: Early Years, Junior Years, Middle Years and Senior Years.

Our School Chapel, The Chapel of the Holy Wisdom of God, was consecrated on the 11th of November 2011. It provides a warm atmosphere for reflection, worship, and engagement.

The School Prayer

Heavenly Father,
we thank you for our school:
for the care and dedication of its staff,
the leadership of its council,
the partnership of its parents,
and the friendship of its students.

We ask you to enable us to love you
with all our heart, mind, and strength,
and to pursue the truth together.
Bless us with unity in Christ’s love,
humility in success and perspective in trial,
and give us confidence in your unchanging grace,
so that together we might walk in the truth,
and you might receive the glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Parish of Ellenbrook Chapel Services

There is a close relationship between the School and the Anglican Church in Ellenbrook—a worshipping community that meets for church in the Chapel of the Holy Wisdom of God, every Sunday on the School grounds. For more information click here.